Construction robot……the future in the construction industry

Many companies working in the field of construction seek to use the latest methods and methods that will increase the accuracy of work and reduce costs in addition to saving time and effort during the construction process. This is what prompted researchers to think about using a group of modern technologies represented in artificial intelligence technology in the construction industry.

One of the most important methods of this technology is robots, which are expected to invade the construction sector in the near future because of its low construction cost and time savings, in addition to reducing problems and accidents related to industrial security and safety operations, and it also gives a final product with a high degree of accuracy compared to those that we get by manual work methods.

It is one of the most important types of robots that have recently begun to be used in the field of construction



3D printing robot

It is the latest promising technology in the construction process, where a large-sized facility can be fully and safely printed. It is a mobile arm that controls a 3D printer under a set of pre-entered commands.

Construction robot

Such as those robots used in organizing the various stages of construction, the most famous of which is the giant Australian robot Hadrian X, which can build an entire house in less than two days using molds of bricks many times more used in manual construction methods and installed with high accuracy, maximum half a millimeter.

Demolition robot

When it comes to demolishing facilities, it is not safer and more empowered than robots, which are more able to move over difficult terrain and are controlled from rooms equipped with anti-shock devices, although they may be less energetic than human power, except for their multiple advantages, which have begun to spread.

There are also many robots, such as those used in road works, remote control vehicles, and others used to lift and install panels of all kinds.

On the local level, Dubai Municipality has launched the first robot specialized in construction in the country, which was revealed by the Concretiv company specialized in the field of 3D printing – Emirates Today 6-19-2019 –

There is no doubt that the near future will witness a great development in the use of robots in various construction operations, and the passage of time will always be the decisive factor in evaluating the quality of this technology.

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