engineering and achievements

The Engineering Department is replete with many achievements and initiatives that elevate the municipality and the Emirate.. The Engineering Department is distinguished by its distinguished cadres, which actively seek to highlight the distinguished role of the Engineering Department and unleash its energies in all platforms of the municipality and the Emirate.

The department followed the approach of community service and participation in the best initiatives, which was represented by the Maintenance and Demolition Department, where it presented the initiative to maintain the homes of the families of the martyrs by appointing qualified contractors and following up the maintenance work in those houses and providing distinguished qualitative services in terms of maintaining the homes of the families of the martyrs, in honor of the sacrifices made by the martyrs in order to preserve the security of the homeland and the citizen. Without fees, as well as exempting them from submitting all requirements for a maintenance permit, because of its great impact in supporting and flourishing the Emirate and maintaining its beauty and splendor.

The Engineering Department also follows the state’s approach to the smart and electronic transformation of the services it provides. The Contractors and Consultants Classification Department provided the Engineering Service, which is a service that transformed the engineers’ exams to obtain an engineer card to practice the profession in the emirate by applying for the exam until obtaining the card, which previously required five working days before launching the Engineering system, which contributed to a radical transformation of the transaction to be completed within one working hour, where the applicant can apply for the service, pay the fees, and get an appointment for the test within minutes through the municipality’s website from anywhere and at any time, in addition to the possibility of applying for the test that the distinguished management team transferred From paper to electronic, fully automated, which guarantees the process of impartiality and confidentiality in the exams.. and obtaining the card immediately, which contributed to transforming the process of issuing an engineer card and transferring it to a qualitative transfer that contributed to facilitating, simplifying and automating procedures, which met with great success and a wonderful echo among those seeking to obtain the engineer card.

As for the urban development of the Emirate, the Building Control Section presented a booklet for the procedures for supervising construction projects, which explains the method of construction and reconstruction in any location, starting with preparing the site to start construction work and ending with issuing a building completion certificate. . The Control Department was not satisfied with that, as the Under-Construction Sites Committee was formed, which specialized in visiting the under-construction sites to ensure that the contractor’s work is proceeding correctly and that these sites are free from possible engineering errors as a result of poor implementation by the contractor and in the absence of the consultant.

The Engineering Department was not satisfied with these achievements, as it had many contributions related to volunteer work because of its importance in our current time. The department participated with its creative and distinguished cadres in many volunteer work, as it launched a campaign to break the fast (and distributing breakfast meals to workers in the sites) and a warmer winter campaign (the campaign is summarized by distributing winter jackets to guards of sites under construction) and a campaign to distribute state flags to sites that issued a building completion certificate on Flag Day, in addition to a cold to your heart campaign that aims to Reducing the heat of the air by distributing juices and ice-creams to the administration’s visitors in the summer

What was previously mentioned is the tip of the iceberg of the achievements of the Engineering Department, which pursues ambition, creativity and development in all the services it provides and contributes to many achievements, all of which are in the interest of the Emirate first and the municipality second, and it always strives to reach the highest local and international ranks, applying the state’s approach to digital transformation and striving to provide the best services and contributions that would raise the flag of the state in international forums.

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